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Anti-Spam Measures

Please be patient
Anti-Spam Measures

I recently batch-deleted close to 87,000 user accounts which were created with a certain pattern popular with forum spammers. To cut down on their continued attempts to post forum spam by generating 10s to 100s of new accounts daily, I have disabled the creation of new accounts.

If you are a real person, interested in being a part of this community, the information necessary to find my e-mail address is plentiful in the forums. It's a bit of a barrier to entry, I know, but please work out this simple puzzle and e-mail me your desired user ID, your real name, where you live, and what your favorate team is. I'll then create your user account on the back end.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

To the spammers who continue to attempt to post junk:

You really are idiots, you know that? Haven't you noticed that not a single piece of your spam has been displayed on this site since the last anti-spam measures were taken a couple of years ago? Google doesn't index the profiles, so the links you put there don't help you any, and if they were indexed before I updated robots.txt, Google now penalizes sites with such link backs. You really should keep up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) news.

Yet, your scripts continue to login (fail), sometimes submit, sometimes preview (which often fails due to certain conditions which are unique to your processes), and if by some remote chance you do get a submission to go through (averaging less than once per month), it gets rejected by moderation. You have hundreds of IP addresses attempting this daily, each going through a slightly different script. However, you never once check to see that the thousands of attemped postings are failing.

You truly are a group of incompetent idiots. Please go away.

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