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Japanese Baseball fan wants to buy stuff

Discussion in the Ask the Commish forum
Japanese Baseball fan wants to buy stuff
Does anybody know where to get Japanese baseball stuff?
Re: Japanese Baseball fan wants to buy stuff
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Oct 27, 2001 8:04 PM | YBS Fan ]

Well, that's kind of vague, but this thread mentions that you can get caps and jersys at the YakyuShop.

The various teams pretty much all have shops of their own, but you must be able to read and type in Japanese.
Ticket Prices?
[ Author: Guest: hey | Posted: Apr 3, 2009 2:22 AM ]

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I don't know how much it costs for one ticket. Do you?
Re: Japanese Baseball fan wants to buy stuff
[ Author: onegoodlife | Posted: Jan 24, 2002 10:37 AM ]

I own a small card shop outside of Seattle Washington. I import Japanese Basball Memerobila items.
Let me know what your interested in.
Best Regards,
One Good Life
Re: Japanese Baseball fan wants to buy stuff
[ Author: Guest: francesco | Posted: Jul 27, 2011 6:54 PM ]


As you may know/find soon, the above mentioned shop run by a fine New Yorker has recently closed.

Another winding way to get stuff could be this: you go to the private-import-japan site and register; it is a place where a Fukui-based youngster (Yusuke Yoshida) will bid for you on Yahoo! Auctions Japan OR (and this is what you want) buy for you at any Japanese team site. Of course he'll take a profit, but you can write him directly forwarding links of your team's shop desired items and he'll do evertything for you and ship over. A nice and reliable guy over-all.

Hope to've been helpful.

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