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Robert Whiting is considered to be the dean of all English writers on Japanese Baseball. Since the 1960s, when Bob started writing about politics and baseball, he has been the most prolific writer and educator on all those cultural things associated with Japanese Baseball. From his numerous books, to his speeches and his perceptive articles, Robert "Bob" Whiting continues to tweak our baseball curiousity.

Jim Allen started off his journalistic career by home publishing an annual English Guide to Japanese Baseball in the mid 1990s. Allen used techniques developed by Bill James, never before heard of or used on Japanese Baseball data, to evaluate teams, stadiums, and players. Today, Jim Allen is a sports writer for The Daily Yomiuri, where he also has his own weekly column called "Hot Corner," and he continues to do data research from his home.

Rob Smaal grew up in Vancouver, B.C. before heading to Japan in the 1980s to become a sportswriter with The Japan Times. Today Rob writes for The International Herald Tribune-Asahi Shimbun specializing in Japanese baseball.

John E. Gibson began his sports writing career in the mid 1990s writing about the Chunichi Dragons for the local Nagoya English press. In 2005, John decided to move up to Tokyo and become a sports writer for The Daily Yomiuri.

Jason Coskrey was born in 1982 in Macomb, Michigan. Educated at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Jason was named the 2005 UAB Journalism Student of the Year. After a stint with the Birmingham Post Herald, the Chicago White Sox Double-A affiliate Birmingham Barons, and the Marietta Daily Journal in Marietta, Ga., Jason took an opportunity to cover NPB for the Japan Times in 2007.

Silicon Valley middle-manager by day (and sometimes night too), Patrick has been a fan of Japanese baseball since SportsChannel aired the 1994 Japan Series while the Major Leaguers were on strike. Patrick then lived in Japan between 2000-2003, and has been following NPB very closely ever since. Patrick is not a scout or statistical guru, just a fan with an interest in spreading his passion for the game.

In the mid 1990s, Michael Westbay began writing about his passion, Japanese baseball, by creating his own web site on the subject. Today, Michael writes his own blog and baseball stories, as well as doing live baseball broadcasts exclusively at where he resides in cyber space as its managing director and web master.


Since its inception, has been dedicated to becoming a rich information source on Japanese baseball for our readers. With our writers' homepages at, we are now able to not only showcase all the great content, but also the individual writers who have made such a great commitment to their stories and the international understanding of Japanese baseball.

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