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1996 BBM top 10 hitters/pitchers

Discussion in the Ask the Commish forum
1996 BBM top 10 hitters/pitchers
I came across some 1996 BBM cards that are titled Top 10 hitters selected by Isao Harimoto. I saw cards of Kiyohara, Nomura (Carp), and Etoh. Also I believe there exist a set of cards titled Top 10 pitchers selected by Inao (former Nishitetsu).

Any idea who the rest of the selections were?
Re: 1996 BBM top 10 hitters/pitchers
[ Author: westbaystars | Posted: Dec 12, 2001 5:53 PM | YBS Fan ]

Anything baseball card related I always refer to Rob Fitts (aka Ochiai-san) at Rob, are you lurking here?
Re: 1996 BBM top 10 hitters/pitchers
[ Author: Rocksfan | Posted: Feb 22, 2002 9:49 AM | CHU Fan ]

The hitters were:
Koji Akiyama
Akira Etoh
Atsuya Furuta
Hiroo Ishii
Kazuhiro Kiyohara
Tomonori Maeda
Hiromi Matsunaga
Kenjiro Nomura
Hiromitsu Ochiai
Ichiro Suzuki

The Pitchers were:
Motoyuki Akahori
Masafumi Hirai
Shinji Imanaka
Hideki Irabu
Kazuhisa Ishii
Kimiyasu Kudoh
Masumi Kuwata
Koji Noda
Masaki Saitoh
Kazuhiro Sasaki

I got this info from Gary Engel's "Japanese Baseball Card Checklist and Price Guide"

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